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"The activity in Bunbury, Western Australia"

Non-Profit Organization Inseki Project has presented dramatic plays as well as environmental preservation activities in Bunbury, Western Australia since 2010. Bunbury is the Sister City of Setagaya ward, Tokyo, and is one of the bases for our activities.

【Upcoming schedule in fisical 2014 and 2015

The Stage Performance and the Campaign for Environmental Preservation.
We are planning a stage play with a message for the environmental issues in Bunbury and surrounding areas.
Please check out this site regularly for updates.
In addition, the environmental preservation activity is being arranged over the same period.

Activity Report in 2010


[The Stage Performance] 27-31.Oct. 2010

As one of the Sister Cities friendship projects, we performed the silent play titled LIFE~the message for a beautiful earth,which makes an appeal for environmental preservation in both Setagaya ward, Japan and the city of Bunbury by each city's consent.


■Busselton Senior High School (27.Oct.2010)

Our interview with the local newspaper was published later.

(drew an audience of 60)


■Parkfield Primary School (28.Oct.2010)

The school chlidren sent us a pack of air mails expressing their gratitude.

(drew an audience of 80) 


Edwin Cowan University (28 and 31.Oct.2010)

We produced a leaflet showing pictures of the cast.Thankfuly,Edwin Cowan University allowed us to print our names on their official poster as one of the exhibition groups.

(drew an audience of 100 over the two days)


Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School (29.Oct.2010)

We performed at the school chapel.

(drew an audience of 100)


Dalyellup College (29.Oct.2010)

The 5 students acted as extras with us.

(drew an audience of 120)


Center Point's event space (one of the shopping centers in Bunbury)

We performed an evening show(28.Oct.2010),and performed morning and afternoon shows(30.Oct.2010).

(drew an audience of 35 over both days)





The silent play “LIFE~the message for beautiful earth~”
Kazuaki Nunomiya
Kazuaki Nunomiya, Yumiko Kameyama, Sachiko Nakazato and the others...



[The Campaign for Environmental Preservation] 30.Oct. 2010

At the break time in between the show at the Center Point we had a campaign for preventing cigarette littering. There were a lot of people sitting and smoking around the shopping center.
Even though the public ash tray was beside the streetlight pole, it was not recognizable to them and the cigarette butts were scattered all over the place.
Then we offered the service of collecting the litter of cigarette butts around the shopping center. Along with picking up the trash, we distributed portable ash trays for free and had a lecture about their usage with English instructions attached.
200 sets were handed out.
(Trash bags were provided by Japan Tobacco inc.)
[The International Sister Cities Friendship Program] 23.Oct. - 2.Nov.2010
As a part of the Sister Cities friendship program, we were honored to have stayed at the homes of 5 families in the city and the outskirts of Bunbury, and we had a great time with them. 16 students from elementary schools in Setagaya Ward had arrived in Bunbury in 31.Oct. The reception was held in 1st.November, and we were invited there as well.
The Report of Activities in WA 2010
This is the report of our activities of Bunbury and WA of 2010.You look at the photoes of our performance and activities in Bunbury.Please download this file!
The Report of Performance in WA 2010.pdf
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